Cincinnati Reds Countdown!

Time until Opening Day:

21 days, 7 hours, 33 minutes, 4 seconds ago

Time until MLB All Star Game:

in 77 days, 20 hours, 16 minutes, 56 seconds


Click here for games we have tickets for. 


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Pictures of Olivia’s New Dorm Room

IMG_2679 IMG_2683 IMG_2682 IMG_2681

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Tree fell on the house

Today our large hickory tree came down on our house.  There is damage to the roof, gutters, grill, and whatever else we find after the tree is cut down.  It is amazing that the glass top table was surrounded by the large limbs but didn’t touch it.  See pictures below.

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Pictures of the tree that fell on our house

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Reds Are NL Central Division Champions!!

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The Van has reached 200K!

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Last Binary Day

Today, 11-11-11, is the last binary day we will see. A binary day is all 1′s and 0′s in the date. The next binary day won’t be until 01-01-00 (January 1, 2100).

Using the 24-hour clock, we have binary time 16 times each day:

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Which is the rental car?

For my business trip to western Tennessee, I rented a car.  The car they gave me is identical to my own car – same color and all the same options.  I can say I was familiar with the rental car and was comfortable.

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Charlie in the News

Click on picture for full size.


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Valentine’s Day Poem

Local radio station Eagle 99.3 is having a contest giving away a diamond ring, steak dinner, and flowers for Valentine’s Day.  To enter, write a poem and submit it.  This is my poem:

Twas the day after Valentine’s Day
And at our country house
I forgot to turn in my poem
And now sleeping on the couch.
No flowers or ring for her
No steak for me
But the most I’ll miss
Is the after dinner whoopee.
So I’ll just lay here with my beer
Watching sports without her here
Because I know I blew it
For another whole year.

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